Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Fool's Day

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2010

Dear Family,

It has been an very interesting week. We don't have any investigators right now so we spend our entire time finding. I miss helping people come to know their Savior. I am afraid that I might forget how to teach/guide people through the gospel. We did have a baptism this weekend. This will probably be the first family I will have you come met. I love them so much I want Katie to marry the oldest son he is 12 and will be turning 13 in Feb. They are the cutest family. Elijah the boy that we were helping to be baptized loves wearing suits. LOVES IT. His mom said that he says because he looks smooth. He turned to mom and said no I didn't and don’t say that. His face turned so red. The oldest Marcus saw us walking when they were driving home from school. The mom said that they were so excited that they were trying to roll down window to yell at us and Marcus said," oh they did not see me" he flipped out when his mom told us saying “no I didn't”. SO cute if we had it our way we would never leave their house. They all love soccer and are really good at it. Anyways I could go on about them but I won't.

We have been walking almost every where and one night we were walking and saw this store that we have been trying to find so we went up to look at what times it was open. So it’s dark and my comp has her face pressed against door and I am looking around and doing much of nothing. We finish and start walking away. Then we hear this man's voice "Ladies". I turn around and see this huge guy and I turn back around and keep walking but faster and my comp does the same thing. Then we hear "this is the police stop" we stop. We are decked out in snow clothes. Long black coats and hoods. He instantly saw our tags and said sorry sisters but when we see to dark figures looking in stores it look suspicious. Later we died of laughter of how funny it was for a police officer to stop some sisters for suspicious behavior. Thought you'll get a laugh at this.

Another funny story. We were walking and checking referrals and I had to go to bathroom and members were not answering door (could be because it was 2 in afternoon and no one is home. So my comp is very afraid of anything to do with death, but the closest store is a memorial home on a cemetery. Thinking we better to go there, we went. She was so brave, because I am a sister and it is winter and freezing it takes a long time to get dress and undressed. So during this time my comp is slightly freaking out, but when we were walking at the door she instantly pulled out this flyer for this event that the memorial home is putting on and they are looking for volunteers. I guess her fear is gone. We are going to try and get permission to volunteer. This is probably not that funny but I am so easily entertained that I died of laughter yet again at the whole situation.

I am sitting next to this kid who is so entertaining. He is playing computer games and is just so into it. hahaha

I am doing good health wise. The sinus infection almost gone I still have congestion and very slight pressure but its fine. We are seeing a chiropractor (he is free) is his helping with my neck and headaches. And he is finding all sorts of problems in all my joints, but he is helping with it though. He said the reason my wrist hurts all the time is because it is dislocated and it has been for long time. But over all I am doing well. My stomach is fine too. Just does not like food all the time.

Also this week and Saturday night. I got in my bed and found a spider carcass. I leaped out of bed and went to my comp. When she walked in and saw me on her bed and I told her I was sleeping with her in her bed. She saw the spider and agreed it was huge and red and looks like a scorpion. It was stuck to my covers so I had to pry it off. SOOO gross. We moved our beds close together and found all these dead spiders in the corners of the room. We knew that our house was spider infested. We kill them all the time. Earlier this week we killed an elephant spider. He was so big that we had to name him Fred. So, we borrowed our ZL vacuum. (Ours broke 3 weeks ago) and vacuumed every corner and all the walls. (This is what we did when we were sent home because of the blizzard, so many spiders!!!!! I can't wait to wash my blankets and everything. But we have to wait till tomorrow. We have to go to laundry mat. Anyways this was a gross story.

Yesterday a blizzard hit Utah. Record breaking. The had warnings all over news I heard. We were just told to walk and not drive, which my comp and I were already doing. Then when it hit Sister Winn had all the sisters go in for the night. We got 9 in of snow in one hour. It was not that bad. I had my comp take pictures on her camera for me so we could see me in my snow barb. Hopefully I could get them from her. I love walking home in it though and if they let us, I wanted to track. Just imagine how many would let us in!?! But the members would have been mad. They are so protective of us sisters. They do take really good of us. If they see a need or if we tell them of one, they will fill it.

I gave a talk in church on Sunday. It was on the temple ensign in Oct. I love that the lord watching over me. I have been thinking about it when I had the time. And the morning of I made an outline and went with it (not much time to prepare). Heavenly Father wrote it for me. I spoke with a high councilor so we had 15 min.

Our p-day in exactly tomorrow. But we then would have had no place to email so they still let us email today. We are eating with a family that I have never met. We’ll see how it goes.

We had a sisters’ breakfast this morning we thought they were going to cancel but the snow was plowed and they moved it back an hour. I got to eat my favorite muffins.

Well I hope that you have a happy thanksgiving and eat a lot. I fell at times that I get thanksgiving every night so sadly I am not looking forward to tomorrow. Just another dinner to eat everything they give me to make them happy.

love ss

Monday, October 18, 2010

A post from Rachel's Mission Mom (Sister Winn)


....and dang I'M HOT!

September 29th, and it was time for another sisters' breakfast at the mission home. Some of our sisters couldn't come, but those of us who were there had a wonderful time! We welcomed our two newest missionaries, Sister Greenwood from Texas and Sister Mousseau from Pennsylvania. We chatted and giggled, took a ton of pictures and ate a delicious breakfast. What a joy it is to serve together! In this picture we have sisters Morris, Greenwood, Blackwelder, Fairbanks, Ahern, Tagawa, Drew, Callaghan, Hernandez, Schwarz, Mousseau, Bates, Stoner, Foukimoana, Miller, Anderson, Zazueta, Thalman and Arce.

Sister Morris' mother was kind enough to make us some mission shirts, just for the sisters in the Utah, Salt Lake City Mission. At our sister's breakfast in July, we talked about self-confidence and how we can work hard to maintain the proper self-esteem. One of the sisters brought up a talk that she had heard in the MTC, about how to make sure you think well of yourself, and then act accordingly. It was suggested that the first thing every morning you should look in your bathroom mirror and say, "Dang, I'm hot!", just so that you don't spend your whole day wandering around comparing yourself to other women who are thinner or taller or shorter or more beautiful or younger or have wonderful naturally curly hair. Sister Morris decided that we needed something to remind us to do that. So she designed the shirts and her mother made them for us. On the front, they say,
I am full of joy.
I am firm in my faith.
I am united in purpose.

On the back, the shirts say:
Utah Salt Lake City
Our humility required us to put the last phrase on the INSIDE bottom hem of the shirts.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The strong ones....

......Good news I still love and will forever love my new companions. I am learning a few Spanish phrases, like I said before we have language study for her in the mornings. So was wondering if you can send a book on beginning to learn Spanish and/ or to learn gospel Spanish. We have lessons that are all in Spanish and I have no idea what’s going on, love you!!!

More good news within the last week we put 4 more people on date with a total of six and we have 2 in the works and several others that we are trying to put in the works. This fire has seemed to come on fire overnight. Faith building days mostly!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurrah for Israel!!!!. One of the people that we just put on date also has to get married first. We decided that we are a companionship that creates forever families. I have never seen such determination and diligence amongst the children in families. They are the ones that are bringing their families together. They are the strong ones. It makes me think of how great of sprits they must have been. I stand in awe. It makes me want to be stronger knowing the 9, 13, and 17 year olds have to exercise more faith and hard work then I ever had. It also helps me realize how blessed I am to have been born of goodly parents. They realized that they had to be the adult and to teach and raise their children in righteousness. Not to say I want them to choose for them selves at the age of 9 and not to care what they are doing. Also, to have the impression that this what their children need and this is how to empower them. Silly People!

We are working on not being late to appointments. It is a big struggle. We have so many people to see and we are learning that we cannot cram them all in. space out.

I am soooooooooo excited about the beehive. Katie you look so cute in the beehive suit. You will probably have to teach me how to care for bees when I get back.

Keep helping out the missionaries in your area. That is how we are finding all the people that are getting on date and baptized, is through the ward members. You are the finders and we the teachers. God will bless your efforts as you pray and try.

love Sister Schwarz

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Only Two Types of Days, Faith Building and Faith Strengthening....

April 8, 2010

I am so glad you got the pictures. Finally!!!! That was my third try and today before we came here I went and printed off all those pics and some to mail them to you.

Transfers happened yesterday. That is why I am writing today. I am still in West Valley, which I am actually really excited about. I am in a threesome. trio. This is going to be a great transfer. Sister Blackwelder (Florida) and Hermana Arce (Paraguay) are my new companions. We are not living at the Earl’s any more. I tried not to be too excited but I am I told the Assistants that they have their 25 yr old son living with them now. So uncomfortable. We live on the same level as the family and right next door the master bedroom I fall asleep to Bro Earl snores and wake up to them through out the night, but no more!!!! Having an unmarried man in the same house as the missionaries is a BiG mission no-no. They kind of freaked when I told them. So we moved into the split level apt with the Spanish speaking elders in our area. We spent about 5 hours cleaning it today. I am surprise that they are still living to be honest. I had the job of bathroom. Any ways we have a bunk bed and a bed in a room just a little bit bigger then Katie's room. but the rest of the house makes up for it. So happy. Last night was the funnest I had as a missionary teaching. All we did was run from apt to apt. I feel like a missionary now. Focused! It is awesome to have Heramana Acre as a companion for a lot of the people that we are teaching are Latino and so we teach in Spanish and English. Busting out baptisms now. No more giving all the Spanish speaking to the other zone. We have an hour in the morning for language study now for her to continue to learn English and Sister Blackwelder and I are going to try to learn some Spanish, maybe. The words that I have been taught thus far I butcher. They like to play the games/sports on p-day.!!!!! We have a lot of potentials and we are going to work hard now no holding back. Watch out West Valley!! I decided there are only two types of days. Faith Building days and Faith Strengthening days. Building is when I see miracles and the others when the Lord tests our faith. He builds and strengthens, builds, and strengthens.

Love you all I have letters in the mail


Saturday, April 3, 2010


Jesse and Sarah got married this last Friday. Then he got baptized that Saturday. The wedding was planned in two days. They almost did not go through with it because Sarah, a member wanted, a big wedding, Jesse just wanted to obey the commandments and get married and baptized. We mentioned that the most important thing is that you get married. Their parents were mad at them for supposedly rushing it, but the have been living together for more than a year and have a 5 month year old baby, Jocelyn. Even the Bishop wife said, “why not wait?” I had to explain to her, that Jesse recognize how important it is to commit themselves to each other and to live all God’s commandments. He did not want to leave his baby and girlfriend and why encourage them to procrastinate their day of repentance and the blessings of following the commandments. I said it as nicely as I could. I made their wedding cake and the Relief Society president made her a wedding dress for free, in 2 days. They have no money. But Jesse, two Sundays ago, paid his tithing and it was the last ten dollars he had. Then the next day they were doing laundry and found 30 dollars. Then the next day he found out that he was hired for a job that he applied for. Sister Schwarz


Monday, March 29, 2010

Wonderful Meeting!

General Young Women Meeting

The First Presidency and Young Women leaders attended the general Young Women meeting that was held on Saturday, March 27. Audio and video archives are available on the broadcast page. You can also access our live stream from the new beta page.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We can only imagine...

We are only left to our imaginations at this point for Rachel has still not sent any pictures of her hair cut. I am sure she still looks beautiful, but it would be nice to have a picture! Rachel had 15 inches cut off. I can imagine the happy cancer patient who receives those gorgeous locks of hair. MOM

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A note from our GREENIE

March 17, 2010


We gave Jesse the law of chastity talk on Sunday and his girlfriend was crying because he keeps saying that he does not like to make commitments that he is afraid that he will not be able to keep it, he is breaking his girlfriend’s heart and their poor baby. But this Tuesday we hard commented him to think about the 26 as a wedding date and the 27 as a baptism. He looked scared but who would not be, then his girlfriend who is a member is afraid to commit to someone that is afraid to commit to her. So we told them to pray about it together and separately and to talk to the bishop. Man, people have problems when they do not live the gospel.

I made cinnamon rolls this morning, my first baking since I have been on a mission. We had zone breakfast as a reward for 42 baptisms to date with 4 last weekend. Sister Morris and I have 3 on date now. Tilley, Tracy Lynn, and Jaycee. Hurrah, yippee.

Are you getting any of my letters and such? I did not bring my camera today because I thought that I sent pictures my second p-day here. My hair is a bob cut that just covers my ears. I look like a boy and I feel ugly all the time but I guess I do not have to impress any one here.

Sister Schwarz

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cut hair...........

Dearest Family,

Well, my hair is cut. I don’t have much time to write. We cover a whole Stake (7 wards) there is so many people to remember and wards boundaries to recall and I cannot navigate where I am almost all the time. It is flat all around so I cannot even use landmarks for all the houses look the same. Our area has the less work so we track more then others, yesterday almost 5 hours. Most of whom we run into is less actives, members, and Asians in that order. They all have the same response; I am going through a hard time right now so I don't have time, I know all I need to now about the church and we are not interested, or I am happy with where we are and so we don't need more.

I feel for my companion she is so frustrated. She said that this would be her first week without a baptism on her mission. She is very shy and not that outgoing and so am I. But we are working on changing that. I think that I annoy her with all my questions. I want to know everything plus I keep forgetting lots so I have to keep asking her. Especially the people that we meet or that she tells me about. Love ya all.

Sis Schwarz

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I am here....

I’ m here..... I am in West Valley Utah, 30 min from Salt Lake Utah. I got to go to the temple this morning, a live session, it was wonderful, despite the fact that I kept falling asleep. I am tried most of the time......We did extreme street contacting; the first person that we met, my companion talk too,and she said yes to a hard commit ,which is will you be baptized March 14. Crazy!! Her name was Apothany or something like that. Her sister goes to church all the time and she goes with her occasionally. So she took her name, number, and address so they can prepare her for baptism. She never had the missionaries over before. This is on the sidewalk near Temple Square. We left Book of Mormons and pamphlets to others. I did not talk much. My trainer has only been out 4 months and I think that she is scared out of her mind to train. I am confused about what is going on most the time. I don’t feel like a missionary yet,.....I prayed about it and I got the impressions to just watch, listen, and learn.

It is weird that I knew who my companion was going to be before I met her. I was waiting in line to be interviewed by the Mission President and he has pictures of all the missionaries in the mission and the ones that had no companions next to them I assumed that they were to be the trainers. There was a picture of sister Morris and all the other sisters and I just had the thought that I think that I am going to be paired with her. So when we were making all the guesses I guessed her. She seems really smart and has a really strong spirit, think that she just got caught of guard that she was going to be a trainer, for we had nothing planned for Wednesday night so we kind of drove around for 3 hours seeing if some investigators were home and if some of the Ward Mission Leaders and Bishops were home. It was hit and miss, but mostly miss. I did get the package and loved it. Thanks papa for the gum and candy it was my breakfast and lunch today because I did not have any other food. Don’t worry we went shopping about an hour ago.......,Love you all thanks for all your love and support and thank the people in both wards for their thoughts.

Love forever and for always, Sister Schwarz

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love and Hate...

..........Love and hate being a missionary; love because I have an added measure of the Spirit and because of this I am learning so much, and hate because I am learning so much and don't know what to do with all of it. Applying it is difficult. ............

Love Sister Schwarz

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hero in training.....

February 12, 2010

It has been long 9 days. I was supposed to email you yesterday (my p day). But the email was down and all day today my companion and I have been harassing the IT guys to get it to work for us. So I will not to be rushed but it is nine pm and I am so tried. Being a missionary is hard work, humbling hard work. I discovered that I know nothing. I am completely at my Heaven Father's mercy. ……I am learning so much that I can't retain it all, and my companion thinks that I study too much and that it is now rendering my progression. I did the stupid thing of praying for humility again last night and today he answered that pray. I wish I could go into details about what happened but there is not enough time. I love you all soooooooooooooooo much………….. I did not realize how much I would look forward to hearing from all of you; it is one of the best parts of my day…….. I want to send you pictures but the computers here will not take attachments so I will have to print them or wait till I am out in the field. My companion is Sister Callaghan and is five foot even. She is interesting……... I thought it would be hard to get used to having someone with me at all times but it is the opposite. I cannot wait to get out in the field some days and others I don't want to leave because there is so much to learn. I regret not being much more diligent in my study of the Bible, Mormon, PMG, and Jesus Christ Gospel in general. Whitnie get on the studying now you will not regret it. Sarah thanks so much for your sweet letters and box. Katie I miss you too and I wonder what this valentine’s project is? Ma and pa thanks for your belief in me even when I lack any myself. Tell Ella that she needs this to Be Baptized, this is so important. The truth of everything is by following our Savior and doing all that is in our power to come unto him. Well I had all these things to say to you and planned out yesterday but my tried mind in failing me. …….thanks SOOOOOOO much for your love and thoughts. I love you all dearly! , my time is up, Sister Schwarz

Thursday, February 11, 2010

There she goes.....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

She flew off today.....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I love to see the Temple

What a wonderful day, December 23, 2009, we (Glenn, Jacob and I) were able to go with Rachel to the Temple. We are blessed to live close to the Medford Oregon Temple so Rachel has been able to go back and do much service there before she leaves next week.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Bags are packed......

I am ready to go.......

but I don't report in until the 3rd of February.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Mission call